måndag 8 december 2014

Erikas history podcast

One open educational resource I can recommend is the podcast "ErikashistoryofSweden", which is produced by a colleague at Uppsala university.
Erika Sandström is a senior lecturer in history at Campus Gotland. She initiated and produced the podcast during the years 2015 -2016.
The need for the podcast arose as Erika experienced how beginning students of history more and more often seemed to lack the basic foundational knowledge on swedish history that has traditionally been expected of them. This basic knowledge is at the same time more or less a prerequisite for managing the basic courses in academical history at Uppsala university.

The podcast provides an optional means of preparation for the history students before they begin studying the basic course "History A". At the same time it also serves as an easily accessible resource for anyone with an interest in swedish history.
The podcast medium seems to be well suited for the subject matter of history. Teaching history often relies on chronological verbal information. Her blog provides a place for additional images when needed.
The podcast consists of about 15 to 20 minute long episodes that start in the viking ages and move chronologically towards the present.

The podcast episodes are each published alongside a blogpost at
The podcast episodes are available for direct listening at
or can be reached through itunes by searching for erikashistoryofsweden as one word.

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